Carpet Repairs at Your Service!

Having a need for carpet repair service is often an immediate need, which may come as a surprise to you. Most people call us today to do a repair because they need it now.

carpet damage dog afterThey have decided to sell and the photos of the home are being taken tomorrow, ripples across the living or bedroom make it imperative to get the carpets stretched NOW! An iron jumped on the carpet and they can’t stand seeing the damage. Getting home and finding you dog has eaten a hole in you carpet or a cat got closed in a bedroom and kept pawing under the door until there is no more carpet. Did your kids help with the laundry and you now have bleach spots on the carpet? No Problem!

What ever your reason is, I am compelled to give good service to you! As quickly as I can when it fits into your schedule I will show up at your door and do my best to repair your troubles. Fast, friendly and with a seven year guarantee so you will know it will be done right. Read the testimonials so many happy people just like you have written after their carpet repairs.

These days service companies have forgotten what service means. Not here, just give a call and find out the phone is always answered pleasantly. And if you get the message because I’m already on the phone you’ll find you get a call back right away. Old fashioned service in a timely manner is what you will find. If you ever have a problem with the carpet repair or re-stretch completed and you phone you’ll hear no excuses, just “when would be convenient for us to return to fix it?”

If you want to just get information about a carpet repair, no problem, just give me a call and I’ll tell you everything you need to know and probably more. Call Chris at 604-581-3480