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carpet knee kickerSo many people are familiar with the “Knee-Kicker” as a stretching tool.  But it was not designed to stretch carpet!  The knee kicker (pictured  left) can only push ripples to the edge of the room.  No surprise when someone attempts to stretch your carpet with this tool, 6 – 12 months later the ripple shows up somewhere else in the room.

If you can see ripples in your carpet it is an indication that the carpet in the whole room is loose not just in the one spot.

carpet needing re-stretch

carpet needing re-stretching

Proper carpet stretching can only be accomplished with the proper tool, the “Power Stretcher”  (Pictured Below)  This tool will stretch the carpet so well it virtually guarantees you will never need the carpet stretched again. 

carpet after power stretching

And to properly stretch your carpet the furniture needs to be removed from the room as there is no tool that can properly stretch your carpet with the weight of furniture on it.  With the use of a power stretcher your carpet will be tightly re-stretched which will not only increase the life of your carpet, it will enable the carpet to retain it’s beauty much longer.

Re-Stretching Will Help!

Wavy carpets are a problem not only because they are unsightly, but because they also present a danger of someone tripping. If left for long, it can shorten carpet life, since yarns tend to wear off the raised carpet ridges sooner than off the low, flat areas and the excessive flex of the carpet at these ridges can often bend the backing of the carpet causing it to break apart.

carpet power stretcherThis tool is a power stretcher, the foot (small end) goes against one wall, and the attaching bars extend across the room to the head, which by lever action stretches the carpet across the room.The power stretcher stretches the carpet trampoline-tight and guarantees a taut, flat carpet for many years to come, it virtually guarantees that your carpet will never need to be re-stretched again.

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