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Repairing and re-stretching carpet is a very hands on profession, requiring constant practice to make the repairs as invisible as possible.  For better than 18 years (since 1991) I’ve had my hands (and knees) on carpet.  Repairing and re-stretching carpet either on a full time basis or sometimes part time.

I also took extensive training to become an IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector.  Those with this training are recognized as an expert by the carpet industry.  People in this position must know the correct ways carpet is manufactured, installed and repaired so during an inspection a determination of error in any carpet installation can be determined.  I will bring this training to your home.

I enjoy meeting people and chatting with them while fixing their challenges and I will do the same with you.  So when you hire me you get the distinct advantage of hiring someone that not only wants to do a great job and has a SEVEN Year Guarantee, you also get someone who inspects and studies all kinds of mistakes made in all aspects of the carpet.  I am referred by quite a few carpet retail stores who do not refer services lightly.  And also complete repairs for several carpet retail stores and restoration companies.

If you need some information or just want to schedule a repair or re-stretch simply call and you’ll enjoy an informative conversation helping you make a decision if and when you want your carpets repaired.



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