Carpet Iron Burn Repairs

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All Repairs Completed Meet or Exceed All Manufacturers
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Carpet Burn CigaretteIron Burn Damage to carpetRepaired Iron Burn




It Really Doesn’t Matter What Kind Of Carpet Burns You Have!


Carpet Repair Cut

  • cigarette burns
  • iron burns
  • spills or unknown stains

Will You See The Seams Of The Repair?

A common concern when a repair has to be made in your carpet.  The best answer is: it’s not the seams you will see, it is the difference in colour and texture of the carpet installed compared to the carpet around the repair location.  If the carpet of the inserted piece for the repair has never been walked on, you will see a difference.

Carpet Repair Small Loop
Carpet Repair Small Loop

But only for a short time, it is likely the same traffic in the area will quickly change the appearance of the repaired carpet piece to match the rest of the carpet in a short time, a month or two.  These photos are just a few examples of what what you can expect your carpet to look like after the repair has been completed.

Iron Burn Carpet Repair

All of these repairs were completed with carpet removed from a closet where we find most donor carpet for most repairs.  Carpet that has never been walked on and not in the sunlight to have colour change like carpet in open areas.

An example of how a light bulb burn repair can be done in a heavily patterned carpet

Now you see me, now you don’t

Watch this Short Video To See How A Typical
Iron Burn Carpet Repair Is Completed

So Where Do You Find the Carpet For Your Repair?

No Spare Piece Of Carpet – No Problem! An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don’t have any, repair pieces can be taken from the carpet in a closet. This is a common practice, and if required the damaged piece can be installed in the closet so there is no empty hole.


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