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Snagged loops in berber carpet can often be simply re-tufted using the snagged piece of carpet, or sometimes by using fibres removed from a spare piece of carpet or from the carpet in the closet. If not repaired quickly . . .

This will quickly turn into . . .                           This . . .

Berber Carpet Snag before repairBerber Carpet Pull/Run RepairAnd if you think this cannot be repaired,
Think Again!!!

Often the snag in the first repair can be quickly and easily re-tufted if it is repaired before it becomes the second picture. For the second picture a repair similar to the ones talked about in burn or bleach repairs will be necessary. A little more difficult and a little more time. Repairs made for snags and runs like these are usually invisible.

Watch this  Short Video To See How A Typical
Berber Carpet Repair Is Completed

No Spare Piece Of Carpet – No Problem! An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don’t have any, repair pieces can be taken from the carpet in a closet.  This is a common practice, and if required the damaged piece can be installed in the closet so there is no empty hole.

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