DIY – “Do It Yourself” Carpet Repairs

 Can You Do The “Do It Yourself” Carpet Repairs?


Sure there are people that have the ability and patience to do their own repairs, so I haven’t met them.  I have met the people that have bought DIY “Do It Yourself” repair kits and got in over their heads.  And the people that started with a piece of carpet big enough for the repair, only to end up with three pieces of carpet – none of which was big enough for the repair alone.
Iron Burn Damage to carpetQuickly they realized they required help and phoned. Like you, I have seen the do it yourself kits on the internet.  And like the people that have phoned believe they are a huge waste of your money. The tools are inadequate.  The seaming tape is double sided tape that usually doesn’t hold past the first five minutes, let alone any length of time after that. Are the people that sell these kits interested in helping you?  Or are these kits just a get rich quick system? You decide.
As someone that does carpet repairs daily, my opinion is as follows . . . Please don’t waste your time and hard earned money. Even if you don’t call the number below, phone someone that does know how to do this properly.  This will not only save you your money and time, it will save you your sanity.  If you would like your repairs completed professionally, click on any of the links for more information, better yet . . .

If you would like your repairs completed professionally, click on any of the links under the Carpet Repair Services tab above for more information, better yet . . .

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