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Carpet Repairs Only!
Average rating:  
 585 reviews
 by Shirley Wright

My carpet was unravelling at a seam. The carpet had been laid for about 6 years and was worried it might not be repairable. I contacted the company that the carpet was purchased from and did the installing, they gave me Chris's card and informed me what great work they did. Was I ever happy, Chris was on it right away and the repair person Wayne did a beautiful Job ! I was so happy with the fast service and repair result I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

 by Chris Soukoulis
Awesome Job!

Chris was awesome! I was recommended by my cousin a property manager to do repairs in my condo. The Carpeting was only a couple of years old and already wrinkling. Chris stated the original installer did not Install properly by using a power stretcher at the time of install. He did his repairs in a coupkle of hours and it looks fantastic! I highly recommend Chris for any carpet repairs you may need

 by Dave Golinsky
Great job!

Chris did an amazing seamless patching repair on our new wool carpet damaged in a renovation project! He is a good communicator and offers a very professional service . I would highly recommend him.

 by Martin & Hallie
The BEST in the business!!!

This is the third time we have called Carpet Repairs Only in the past seven years to fix problems at three different properties: twice (Chris) for carpet stretching and once (Wayne) to repair some carpet damage courtesy of some cat claws. Each time has been a professional job (including arriving ON TIME!!) that has come in either at or below the initial price quoted. Chris and Wayne both are experts at their craft and are a real pleasure to deal with. We wouldn't think of calling anyone else to deal with any of our carpet repairs! Highly recommend!!

 by Jen Lillyman

Excellent job Chris did! This is the second time we had Chris come, for a different room of course. I recommend him.

 by Ellis/Watters

Chris did a professional job for us yesterday and we highly recommend his services.

 by Ulf Topf
A job well done at a very reasonable price !

Wayne came on time and removed the wrinkles in the 40 year old living room carpet (which otherwise is still in good shape). He was very polite and friendly, explaining to us that the wrinkles came from the underlay which had broken down.

A job well done at a very reasonable price !

 by Keith
Great job & great service

Our carpets had waves in several places -- all gone thanks to Chris. Also very much appreciated that he was so cooperative in scheduling the job so that we could have our carpets shampooed on the same day. Saved me having to move the furniture twice!

 by Greg McGann
Outstanding Results and Service

The people that originally put the carpet down were not installers; they were layers. The waves and buckles in the carpet after just more than a year could have been surfed on. I was able to get an appointment with Carpet Repairs Only in a timely fashion and the technician, Kyle, did an amazing job stretching and reinstalling the carpet as it likely should have been done in the first place. Kyle was professional, courteous and friendly, providing thorough answers to questions asked. Thank you to Carpet Repairs Only for a remarkable transformation to my carpets. Highly recommend their service.

 by Dashia
Highly recommend!

Daughter burnt a 3" diameter hole into her carpet and I can't even tell where the patch is. And they were able to fit me in same day. Amazing service!

 by Diane

Wayne came and stretched my carpet. Did a wonderful job. It looks like new. He was professional and worked steadily until finished. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs carpet repair. I give them 5 star rating.

 by Joe
Proper Job well done!

Wayne arrived promptly on time and worked hard to do an excellent job on stretching our carpets. The price was reasonable and we're very happy with the results.

 by Shannon Blanchard
Fantastic Service!

Chris was fantastic! We had a very difficult hall way with tons of angles. He managed to stretch the carpet without cutting it saving us money. He did a fantastic job on the hall and our stairs! Its also guarranteed for 7 years! I definitely recommend his service!!!

 by Nicole
Good Work!

We had the misfortune of spilling very bright red photocopy ink on our beige carpet. No amount of cleaning solutions worked to take all the stains out. Chris was recommended by Jordan's and so I called him. He was professional, on time, inexpensive and absolutely a miracle worker. He was very friendly also. I would recommend his work 100%.

 by Sungduk Kang
I wish he had done this, but he really did!

The advertisement was reliable. I didn't understand it because he quoted it by room, not by repair, but I made an appointment right away because the estimate per room itself was not expensive. He came on October 4th, 2022. Looking at the work, I immediately understood whether the estimate was made in a room unit. He was sincere and technical. He said no tips. Before I met him, I wished he had done this. He really did. That's why I gave you five stars. I hope his business will prosper. Good luck Chris!

 by Dawn Walker

Fabulous job getting the ripples out of our carpet. Reasonable prices and professional service. So happy I don't have to look at the ripple anymore. Wish we had done it sooner!

 by Kevin
Amazing service for a fair price!

My fantastic experience started when Chris gave me a quote over the phone that absolutely blew away the 4 other quotes I had. He sent Wayne who has over 40 years of experience and was able to stretch the wrinkle out of my carpet very quickly. Wayne showed up on time, was friendly, and explained the process to me. The quoted price did not change and the work is backed by a 7 year warranty. I highly recommend Carpet Repairs Only. Seriously, give a call to Chris and compare his quote to some of these other places that charge double what he does!

 by Chuck Hamilton

I highly recommend Carpet Repairs Only.

The technician, Julie, was friendly, pleasant and professional.

She did a great job! I am very happy with the results and at a reasonable cost.

 by Cameron
Highly Recommend!

I can't recommend Chris and his team enough! Excellent job done timely and guaranteed, way more cost effective than replacing the carpet, have it stretched back into shape by Chris and his team. Our carpet was buckled in several places and it looks good as new after their stretching.

 by Graeme
Excellent work

Wayne did an wonderful job on patching carpet where door sill was,
Highly recommend this company

 by Matt
Toner Stain Problem Solved !

I had a large toner stain on the carpet. Chris cut out and replaced the section of the carpet that was stained. The whole process from appointment making to the carpet repair was professional and fuss free. Very happy with the work done. Thank you Chris !

 by Ash
That Darn Cat!

We are really, really happy with the work.

Chris really went the extra mile, making time for us, when he really didn't have to, and the work was top notch.

Now if only our cat was less of a monster and would leave the carpets alone!

 by Colleen
All fixed!!

This company is very easy to deal with and the workmanship is outstanding!! I am so happy I finally got my carpets repaired. Chris is very professional and no-nonsense. The technician Wayne who did the repairs was amazing. I cannot tell where the old carpet meets new and my place looks so much more polished after having the repairs done. So glad I finally had it done.

 by Feric
No short cuts

Communication was excellent! Wayne came on time, was friendly and explained the game plan clearly. Quality of work is great. We are very happy with our stretched carpet. Price is very fair and exactly as quoted on the phone. Will recommend Uniquely at a heartbeat. Great company.

 by Dan Riordan

Chris is amazing with what he can do! Loved chatting with him too, such a friendly guy.

 by Teresa

Wayne was a super nice and considerate guy.

 by Paul
Excellent to deal with !

Chris is highly recommended by us! We have older carpets that looked unsightly due to the wrinkles. He arrived promptly (early actually) was courteous, professional and informative and did a great job. Price was reasonable as well. Do not look any further for a carpet repair company....phone Chris for sure

 by Kendall
Highly Recommended!

I would highly recommend as we had the BEST experience! Our carpet had a number of bleach spots on it - and being older carpet we couldn't replace just the damaged areas. Chris was able to fix all the spots and now our carpet looks as good as new. Very reasonable (if you ask me) and he was very polite, courteous and right on time. Great job and really appreciate it. Thanks Chris!

 by Loren

Wayne was right on time and knew exactly how to fix our tricky carpet repair. He did an amazing job on both our hallway and kids bedroom.
I wouldn't hesitate to use Carpet Repairs Only again!

 by Rhys
2nd time around

This is the second time using your company and we are just as pleased with your work this time as before. This is the only carpet repair company we would ever use.

 by Shelley
Carpet Repair

Chris did a fantastic job of repairing the ripples in our carpet. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris - he definitely knows what he's doing and does excellent work. Thank you Chris!

 by wendy
Amazing Work!

Chris sure does know what he's doing.........he was prompt on his arrival and did excellent work.......I had looked at renting a stretcher but was ever so glad I found Chris.......He made it look easy but I guess that's what PRO's do! very professional and they do GREAT work all the ripples and bumps are gone out of our carpet!

THANK YOU Chris! If I ever have another carpet that needs re-strectching or know of anyone that needs the service I would highly recommend/ or use Chris and his team.

 by Paul

Chris did an excellent job! I actually cant even tell where the repair line is. Arrived on time, was polite and professional, in and out within 15- 20 minutes. Also his price was 100 dollars cheaper than the other option I phoned, highly recommend!

 by Jolene Williams
EXCELLENT service, price and company.

I had an iron burn I needed to fix, Chris was super friendly and gave a great quote on the phone. They arrived as scheduled, which is rare these days. I then asked him about a few runs and another burn I had notice. Which they accommodated last minute no problem and the price was fair. They were both SUPER friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with them both while they were there. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these guys for any carpet repair!!

 by Mary
Excellent service

Thank you, Chris, for your efficiency and talent stretching our 16-year old carpet in dining room, front room and on stairs; it now looks like new! The price was reasonable and we would definitely recommend "Carpet Repairs Only".

 by Mike Arsenault
Great Service!

We had several rooms and stairs with a terrible wavy carpet install that has been there since the house was built. Chris came and repaired the first 3 rooms, stairs, and hallway and the results were terrific. We just had him back to repair our last two rooms and the results were excellent once again. The pricing was very fair it was quick and easy to book an appointment. We recommend Carpet Repairs Only! to anyone in need. Great job Chris!

 by Kathleen

We can’t say enough about Wayne’s service. He removed all the bumps and wrinkles in our wall to wall carpeting upstairs. He was willing to help us if needed to move furniture around- the furniture sliders were invaluable! The cost was very reasonable and the work very professional! Thank you Wayne.

 by Barbara Holmes

Chris removed all the wrinkles and bulges in the carpets of our living room, hall and one of the bedrooms. very professional and friendly and I am delighted with the results. I would definitely use him again.

 by Rav

Called Chris to repair bleach stain on the carpet in the living room. So he took piece from closet and replaced with bad one. Couldn't even tell he cut the carpet out. It is perfectly well done.✔👍. He was punctual and professional. Also learned don't throw away left over carpet.

 by Caroline and Rick Duncan

Chris did an amazing job of stretching and repairing parts of my 25 year old carpet. He even shaved off the parts where our cats had horribly sharpened their claws!! Our house looks ‘brand new ‘ again’ for an extremely reasonable price. He was efficient, thorough, with no mess left behind…and a delight to have working in our home! Thanks again for great service, Chris!

 by Helen Balzer
Great Job!

Getting our carpet stretched couldn't have been easier and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Chris was excellent to work with. We would highly recommend his services.

 by Betty Voth

So happy to have the wrinkles gone in the master bedroom & closet! It seemed like a big job to move all the furniture but Chris was very thorough & professional. Would definitely recommend!!

 by Paul Heeres
Carpet repair

Chris came at a moments notice to dry out our carpet following a water leak! He was very prompt, courteous and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Carpet Repairs Only for any carpet repair job!

 by Allan B.

Just had all the carpets in our home stretched.Wayne was very professional and friendly.Would highly recommend "Carpet Repairs Only" for all your carpet repairs.

 by Bud L

Wayne came in, looked over the the room and what had to be moved. He came up with a plan and started to work. My wife and I were very pleased with the care he took in moving things around and his work on the carpet. He was able to complete 2 of the 3 rooms that day and they look great. I am sure when he is able to come back and finish the last room it will look great as well.

 by Audrey S.

We are so happy to have the wrinkles removed from our stairway. Wayne did an excellant job, he was thorough and friendly. The pricing was what we were quoted. Will definitely share my experience and use again if required.

Thank you for your professional service😊

 by Van D.
Amazing improvement!👍

We had some high traffic areas of our carpets beginning to show some bumps and wrinkles many years after the original installation. We thought the bumps made our carpets look tired and decided to give Chris a call. We set an appointment, and 5 minutes before the appointed time Wayne arrived full equipped and ready to put things right. Wayne looked over the problem, determined a plan to remediate and went to work. The results are excellent...the new seam is tight and virtually invisible. The carpet once again lays smooth and flat...fantastic...thank you Wayne!

Van D., Delta

 by Peter
Large rooms carpet stretch

Chris did a large open area and 3 other rooms. He was on time and available within a reasonable time frame. Very happy with the results. Looks new again.

Great patching job

Wayne did a fantastic job in patching a fairly large 30" x 30" patch in our looped wool carpet (it had been stained). He took a piece of the original carpet out of our closet and replaced that with a similar piece of carpet we had located. You cannot see the patched section in the spare bedroom, unless you know exactly where it was placed. The joints to the original carpet are fantastic, and the carpet will fade in to match.

Wayne is a super nice guy, highly recommend Carpet Repairs Only to anyone. Chris was super nice on the phone as well.

 by June
Lumps Gone!

I was delighted with the job Wayne did on my hallway. Three bubbles that have been there a long time have now gone and extended the life of my carpet. I have no hesitation in recommending

 by Pauline
July 16, 2021

Super happy with results. Chris was very professional and did a fantastic job of restretching carpets. Highly recommend.

 by Spencer

Chris came was very friendly and helpful. Made great recommendations and did a quick and very nice job patching a spot on our stairs. We definitely recommend to others!

 by Tom
Great job. Great value

Wayne arrived promptly and was very friendly. He really was concerned about making all seams disappear and was very skilled at doing so. We had considered replacing the carpet on our entire second floor because of the unsightly ripples. However, after the stretching the carpets look almost new again. Very impressed with the work and MUCH cheaper than replacement. We wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again.

 by Krystle
Highly recommend!

Highly recommend Chris for carpet repair. He was both professional and friendly, and he is exceptionally skilled at his craft!

 by Mandy L
Great carpet repairs and stretching

Thank you Chris for giving our bumpy carpets a new look. Your attention to detail and your expertise made it worth every penny. Thank you for fixing all the little mistakes you found along the way.

 by Marilyn Chotem
Excellent job!!!

Our stair carpet was badly stained by a large bleach spill. Chris did a masterful job of removing the bleach and dying the carpet back to its original colour. No one would know it had ever suffered ill fate. It is fully restored to the original colour. Chris is very professional and a nice person. Thank you Chris!!!

 by Matt
Fantastic work

Chris came the next day, right before my townhouse was being listed for sale. Lifesaver, highly recommended.

 by Jim pike

Great work. Exceeded expectations.

Have had it done twice before. However first time with these people. They did it correct. Little more work in preparation, however price was better and job by Wayne was 100 percent. Thanks so much. Job well done !!!!


 by Jeanette
Amazing Results

I would give more stars if I could. Chris completely re-dyed my many bleach spots. I am so grateful. He is kind, considerate and does excellent work. I would most definitely recommend him.

 by Jacob

Chris was terrific. He provided excellent and professional service, was informative, prompt and very available and did not push any unnecessary services or products on us. I would highly recommend this Company and their services.

 by Caitlin
Excellent service

I called Carpet Repairs only because I had a pretty visible bleach stain on my carpet. I needed this fixed ASAP because my house was going up for sale and we had showings booked in a couple of days. Chris booked the appointment for me on short notice!!! He was very polite over the phone and in person and he answered all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Carpet Repairs only to anyone!

 by John Miller
Great Repairs 👍

Fast service with great results. Pet damage to carpets virtually gone.

 by Cassandra
A Wizard

Not only was Chris so friendly, and kind, he did a fantastic job. I called it sorcery actually, at how well he fixed up my carpets. My cat had scratched them up pretty bad, but as a renter, I was hoping for my pet deposit, and I'll get it now because of him. I highly recommend Chris! Worth every penny.

 by Sandy
Excellent work

Chris is extremely helpful and did a great job repairing my carpet. He was on time, friendly and went above and beyond. I wouldn't hesitate to call him again or recommend him.

 by Kevin
Carpet Re-stretching

Our carpets needed to be re-stretched before moving into a new home. The carpet repair team were courteous, helpful, and professional. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a carpet re-stretch job done well!

 by Dale Conrad

Probably the best warranty on earth. Chris came back after 5 years to do a small repair, he is very professional and very punctual, his word is his bond.

 by Joseph Wing
Appreciate the professionalism


Said what he could do, what it would cost over the phone. Then on the agreed to date and time, he arrived. Chris reviewed the job and then got to work. No fuss, no hassle. He clearly had various tools and worked for approximately 4.5 hours - straight.

Wrapped up by producing an invoice exactly as he said he would. Total professional. Highly recommend.

 by George

We contacted Chris as our carpet in 3 rooms had multiple wrinkles and needed stretching. Serviceman, Wayne, arrived on time and did an excellent job. He was very professional, courteous and followed covid protocols. We are very happy with the results as well as the fair price and would highly recommend this company. Thanks Chris and Wayne.

 by Kelly
Carpet stretch

Chris was on time and did a great job. He had to move some pretty heavy furniture but he did it. Looks great. Thanks Chris.

 by Rob & Shelley Stanhope
A big thank you!

We called Chris earlier this week to book a stretching appointment at his earliest convenience. (We needed to stretch a rather large living room carpet) The appointment was scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. When I called back to confirm the appointment, Chris said, "I'm coming back from Squamish about noon. I could swing by your place on the way back" True to his word, Chris arrived exactly at the time he said he would. The job was finished in about an hour and a half even though he was constantly interrupted by our golden retriever puppy. He's a true expert and explained the process while doing the stretch. A quality job and a winning smile. Thank you Chris!

 by Doug

Awesome job in 3 rooms that multiple wrinkles looks like would highly recommend

 by Bill

Chris was excellent to work with - very courteous and professional. He did an excellent job of stretching carpet in one room and doing a flawless, major repair in another. I would highly recommend Chris.

 by Maxine
Carpet Repair

We thought that we needed to replace all of our carpets because of the stretching and staining that had occurred over a 16 year period. After researching options, we decided to reach out to Chris to do the repair. We were so impressed by the results. The carpets now look great! Thanks Chris for a job well done! We will be recommending you to our friends!

 by Lela
Great job

Chris was fantastic communicative and professional. Did a great job will call him back soon for another room etc. Highly recommend!! Thanks Chris

 by Carol S.

Chris was very professional, and quick but thorough! He was on time

and courteous. The carpets looked brand new - amazing results! I highly recommend him!!

 by Suzanna
Satisfied Customer

I had 2 rooms that needed to have the carpet fixed. The service man was on time and did a wonderful job. I feel my place looks better and I feel good about having had this service done. I would recommend this company as I feel its good value for the money.

 by Jeff Seip

Chris is a very personable human being who preforms excellent work at a fair price. Goes above and beyond to ensure the job is done to the best possible outcome. Do not replace your carpets until you have given Chris and opportunity to work his magic.

 by Garry Gordon
Great job

Chris did a fabulous job of stretching our badly wrinkled bedroom carpet. He was friendly, easy to deal with, informative and efficient. He gave us advice on how to prepare for a stretch needed in our living room. I would highly recommend his services.

 by Dawn
Amazing Carpet Stretch

We were considering replacing our wavy, rippled carpet but Chris and Wayne worked their magic and now it looks like new saving us thousands of dollars. We are beyond happy with the result.

 by Norbie
Good job

Chris did an amazing job in my home. Our carpets are curled and he managed to make it straight. He even explained how carpets curled. It was a very pleasant experience knowing and seeing how Chris did the good job!

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