Why Hire Us?

All Repairs and Re-Stretching Guaranteed
Five Full Years


All Repairs Completed Meet or Exceed All Manufacturers
Instructions and Specifications

Carpet Repairs Only

Just how can Carpet Repairs Only offer a SEVEN YEAR GUARANTEE when no one else does? Simply this, all repairs are completed to the carpet manufacturers recommended specifications! NO SHORT CUTS! The people that make carpet have spent alot of time and money perfecting the system, they know what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how long it takes it will be done correctly because just like you, no one wants to return and work for FREE!

Hi, I’m Chris.  I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of local residents get results, I’m talking about people who thought their carpets were beyond repair. This is why I believe I can help you too! By the way… many people who never knew carpet repairs like re-stretching, carpet repair seams, post flood work, re-installation and other seemingly impossible carpet repairs could be done.

They were just like you before discovering us. Now you can rest assured that with hours and hours of experience and (cuts and bad knees to prove it) they know it’s possible and, if you hire me you’ll know that too.

But Only Call When You Are…

  • Sick of looking at and no longer want to deal with it or…
  • Feel other people are beginning to talk about your carpets or…
  • You want it gone today or…
  • Know you deserve one less stress in your life and
  • You want an Iron-Clad Guarantee!

When You Call . . .

When you call every effort is made to answer the phone live, if you get our voice mail likely I’m on the phone with another client, please leave a message and you will get a prompt reply.

When you make an appointment time it is so important that we show up on time you can set your watch by the appointment time. None of this making you wait to see if we show up, and if for any reason we are running behind you will get a phone call well in advance to let you know why we are running behind and when you can expect us.

Every one dislikes waiting not knowing if they will be stood up or not, with us you know exactly where you stand!

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Recommended by many carpet retailers for the
repairs and re-stretching you need!
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