Squeaky Floor Repairs

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Do your floors squeak and creak underfoot?  Does a simple short walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night sound like a herd of elephants rushing to the water hole?
Rest assured you didn’t eat too much for dinner and your noisy floors can quickly be freed of their obnoxious noises, you will silently glide across the room again very soon!

Squeaky Floor Repair Preparation

This is probably what your floor looks like under the carpet and underlay. What isn’t easily seen are nails sticking up slightly from the wood floor. When the nails are not tight to the floor they allow the wood to move on the joists under the floor. As the wood moves on the joists it also moves on the nails which is one of the reasons you get squeaks. Also the sheets of plywood (or pressboard) move against each other also causing creaks and squeaks that often sound like finger nails on a chalk board . . .

The Solution To Squeaky Floors!

Squeaky floor being un-squeaked

By lifting the carpet and underlay to expose the wood floor allows the location of the joists under the floor to be found. If the nails are sticking up, they can be pounded down. Next, enough wood structural screws are screwed though the floor into the joists to ensure the floor is never able to move again – no movement equals no squeaks.

Squeaky floors become a thing of the past!


The Next Step To Fixing Your Floors!

It’s likely you are not comfortable doing this repair or you wouldn’t be looking it up here.  I have many times done this repair which I can tell you is very rewarding to see the smile crease people’s faces when they no longer can walk across or bounce their way across their floor and make it squeak.
An added benefit is that your carpets will be properly stretched back wall to wall, so if you had loose lumpy rippled carpets before not only will your floors be silent, the carpets will be beautifully flat again!
With only a quick phone call you will have much more information on how you can get rid of the squeaks and creaks of your floors, and shortly there after you will be smiling again too.


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