How Much Does It Cost?

The Free In Home Estimate!

It is normal to want to know how much the repair will cost before you invite anyone into your home, but know this . . . there is no such thing as a FREE ESTIMATE!  The time spent for someone to drive to your home takes time away from someone doing the work and costs companies dearly, it is always included in the cost!
To save both you and I time and money I have worked out a system to give you a quote after asking a few questions, so exact is this system the price almost never changes from what you are quoted on the phone.  If the price is different you will be told before the works starts and you can decide whether its fair or whether we should just shake hands and part friends.

Stretching First

It would be so easy to give you an answer to how much it costs here.  When you called all you would have to do is set up a time and date, unfortunately it’s not quite that easy. 

  1. First you need to decide by talking with me whether you are comfortable inviting me into your home.
  2. Also you need to know why your carpets need stretching so soon after installation and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  3. Next the cost depends on how many rooms or halls you want stretched and do seams have to be opened to complete the stretching?

With one call you will get all these questions answered quickly and very straight forwardly.  Within a few minutes you’ll know if you want to move forward and schedule the repairs and when it’s convenient for you.

Carpet Insert Repairs

Iron burns, cigarette burns, cat or dog damage repairs or loop (berber) carpet repairs.  The cost for these repairs are also based on how many and how big or how long in the case of looped carpet.  A quick phone call and you know exactly right over the phone.

Carpet Spot Dyeing

How many spots and the size of the spots are the information needed to quote this kind of repair.  It also helps to know if the carpet is nylon or wool, the colour of the carpet before the colour loss and the colour of the spots because different bleaching agents or strengths of the bleaching agents remove colours differently.

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