Will I See The Seams In A Carpet Insert?

Will I see the seams of the carpet repair when it is done?

Carpet Repair Small Loop
Seamless Carpet Repair

If this isn’t the most common question I get when making a carpet repair then it is the second most asked question I get.  And rightly so, you are concerned whether or not the carpet repair is going to show after it has been completed.  My answer is always the same.  It’s not the seams you will see, the only thing you will see is the difference in colour and texture between the new piece of carpet installed and the carpet around it.  The first picture to the right is of an insert carpet repair recently completed in Vancouver.  You cannot see the seams, you can see where the seams are because of the slight difference in colour.  The inserted piece of carpet for this repair was removed from a closet which had not seen the light of day and had never been walked on to change the colour.

This is a tight looped carpet making it a difficult repair to complete.  Difficult because cutting along the lines of the carpet after it has been walked on over years of traffic makes the natural lines difficult to follow.  A good cut along the natural lines of the carpet when both removing the carpet and the inserted piece is what makes a good seam.

Making a good seam on carpet that has been walked on for years is much harder than carpet that is brand new.