“Your Vacuum Has Too Much Suction”

“Your vacuum has too much suction”

WOW!  This is what a carpet retail store actually told a lady who had spent $13,000 for carpet and installation within the first year it was installed! 

That the reason the carpet had ripples and they wouldn’t re-stretch it a second time in 12 months was because her vacuum was too strong.  I’ve never heard so much RUBBISH! 

It is just about as ridiculous as carpet that gets vacuumed too often causes carpets to loosen to get ripples.  MORE RUBBISH!  Vacuuming carpet has been scientifically proven to extend the life and appearance of carpets, so vacuum as often as you like.

This is just another excuse I have heard from unhappy homeowners when they had complained about the ripples in their carpet.  Only this one is the worst!  Now I don’t want you to think all carpet installers are bad, as a matter of fact I have met many very good installers.  I have also visited a lot of carpet retailers that insist on quality work and great installations.
The real reason that this carpet installation had so many ripples was that it wasn’t stretched at all. In every room the carpet just lifted off the tack strip which was meant to hold the carpet stretched, there were multiple other installation errors that were obvious when the carpet was prepared for re-stretching. No longer though, she is happier than I can tell you, as you will be too! And this repair/stretching will last and last, and I will guarantee it for SEVEN FULL YEARS.