Why does the whole room need to be stretched, rather than just where my ripple is?

There are many unknowns and miss-conceptions about carpet stretching?

carpet knee kickerFIRST, the knee kicker, which is widely used to stretch carpet, was never designed as a carpet stretching tool – hence most carpets installed using this tool will require re-stretching.

SECOND, the only tool specifically required by every carpet carpet power stretchermanufacturer in North America to stretch carpet is the power stretcher! This tool has a foot that goes against one wall, tubes that cross the room to the stretching head and provides a positive mechanical stretch.

THIRD, if you have a ripple in a carpet in any room, it is an indication that the carpet in the whole room is carpet needing re-stretchingloose not just where you can see it. If the ripple in a carpet is the only place to be stretched, when done properly it will actually cause more ripples in the carpet in several directions. If the ripple is the only thing to be removed the carpet cannot be stretched – only flattened by bumping the carpet to the edge of the room.

FORTH, the room to be stretched will have to be empty of furniture so the power stretcher can be used properly and moved around the room to stretch the carpets two different directions.

FIFTH, if you choose to have Carpet Repairs Only stretch your carpets I will always use the power stretcher for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it is the proper method to do the job, there is no way anyone would be able to offer such a strong quality guarantee if the stretching is not completed correctly.

And secondly, I want to walk when I get older. I have met far too many ex-installers that had to quit because their knees were shot after years of using the knee kicker.

Thank you for reading this, Chris