The BEST Reason For Not Cleaning Your Own Carpet!

Bleach Carpet Damage before dyeingDuring a recent conversation with a gentleman, who is renting a suite, he asked me how much to re-dye the carpet where his dog had thrown up … So after hearing how big the spot was I informed him it would be $300. He then told me he had rented a cleaning machine to clean the spot and suspects the previous renter of the cleaning machine had cleaned it with bleach as that is what caused the spot. Luckily for him he had only cleaned the vomit spot and only had a few other tiny spots the machine dripped onto the carpet.

Now lets assume that perhaps he is embarrassed to tell me he put bleach in the machine, not likely but it could happen, what will be the experience of the next person that rents the machine … maybe you. This is the first time I have ever heard this so perhaps it doesn’t happen often. After I have re-dyed the carpet I will include a picture.

After carpet dyeing

This is actually the same carpet with the picture taken on a much brighter day when the carpet was dry after the re-dyeing.

Food for thought, Chris