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If you need a carpet repair or carpet re-stretching in Delta B.C. or around the Lower Mainland, and you need fast service with a great warranty…I Can Help! In just a few hours, or less, your damaged carpets can be fixed for good.

Dogs and Cats are everyone’s best friends . . . Right?

Cat Damaging Carpet

This problem is not restricted to the homes in Delta exclusively, it’s just that I was in a Delta homeowner’s home with an animal challenge this week.  Dogs dig and chew, cats scratch and spray!  None of these are attractive or pleasant after your animals have expressed their pleasure or dis-pleasure.  All of the damage can be repaired with an extra piece of carpet, or a piece from a closet.

However urine damage will require more than just an insert to get rid of the odour.  Usually if the carpet is lifted and the floor is cleaned with a bleach solution it will also need to be painted to seal the odour into the floor. 
The underlay must be replaced, this can be completed when the insert is done.  And now you are almost guaranteed to have gotten rid of the offending odour for good.  Almost guaranteed because animals have a far more sensitive nose than we do, they will still smell it and may want to mark their territory again.  This is by no means a problem limited to Delta, you will find this to be universal in every home where animals share the space with people.



Dog Damaging Carpet






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