Why Seams Need Repairing After Carpets Have Been Installed Professionally

In an ideal world all carpets would be stretched as per manufacturers instructions using a power stretcher, as it is only 1 in 300 people that call for re-stretching even know there is such a thing as a power stretcher…

The same can be said that the same installers using a knee kicker (a tool designed only to be an assist tool) and not using the proper tools are also using sub-standard seaming tapes. When the carpet can be pulled off the seaming tape as if it wasn’t seamed at all, you have one of the most common problems in carpet installation. Use of seam sealer is the most common reason for poor seams, so what is seam sealer?  I’m glad you asked!

There are only 2 different seam sealers approved for sealing the edges of the carpet when seams are made.  A seam sealer is used so the carpet seams do not unravel or fray shortly after installation.   ALMOST NEVER DO I SEE THAT SEAM SEALER HAS BEEN USED.   The proper use of seam sealer would almost eradicate problems with looped (Berber) carpet when rows of carpet come out by use of the vacuum or dogs and cats.

As it is in almost every service industry the two most common reasons for lack of quality are…
1) Cost savings, a whole roll of cheap seaming tape is $1.00 – 2.00 less than the quality tape.
2) Time savings, it does take more time, and a little more money, to apply seam sealer

I still guarantee every repair and re-stretch I complete! And to do so I must use seam sealer or with my guarantee I would have to return and redo repairs for FREE.

Also when you call Carpet Repairs Only a power stretcher is used to stretch your carpet EVERY TIME, for 2 reasons

1) It is the right way to stretch carpets, not to mention the guarantee, to date, since 1991, I have only had to re-visit one room in one re-stretch job.
2) This reason is very selfish… I want to walk when I get older! The use of the knee kicker kicks the life out of the users knees!

Sorry to be on the soap box, but you want it done right the first time!