Why Do Carpet Get Ripples After Cleaning?

So why do carpets get ripples after getting them cleaned? I was asked this very question at a home in Vancouver this week . . . And it is not unusual that I get asked this question. Is it the cleaner’s fault? DEFINATELY NOT!  The carpet cleaner often takes the blame for this because he was the last one to touch the carpet, truth is the carpet is already loose and the cleaning only revealed the problem. When the fibres of the carpet get wet with the cleaning process they swell slightly, and where these swollen fibres go through the backing of the carpet they cause the backing to swell also.  Now you have every single fibre in your carpet swelling just slightly, the backing is slightly swelled across the whole carpet surface.  This swelling becomes obvious with ripples in the carpet. Now the good news!!! Almost always the ripple/wrinkle will go back to looking like it did before the carpet was cleaned. It will take about two the three days and your carpet backing contracts as it completely dries and you will have a flat carpet again.

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