When spills happen on carpet, don’t grab the bleach!

This week has been filled with bleach on the carpet. Dog diarrhea, cat vomit, tile cleaner, make-up remover and zit medicine, isn’t it amazing everything that causes damage to your carpet… and we haven’t even mentioned irons and curling irons. So often spills on carpet get cleaned up in a panic by the first cleaner we can grab.
I’ve seen yellow foot prints and hand prints in carpet caused by acne medicine. Just have it re-dyed back to it’s original colour. Dog diarrhea cleaned up with a cleaner from under the sink with bleach in it, cat vomit which can remove colour from the carpet all by it’s self without the help of bleach.
From experience you wouldn’t believe how many of the quick clean-up jobs get bleach on the carpet. Kids that want to help, or kids that don’t want their parents to know. Husbands with good intentions and housekeepers quick decisions cause bad spots. Typically bleach spots on carpet are orange, yellow or white.
Don’t worry, just have the carpet spots dyed back to the right colour. Admittedly not everything done to a carpet can be dyed back, but those spots that cannot be dyed can be cut out and replaced with the same carpet and look just like new too.

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