When is a room more than one room?

Perhaps we should ask, when is one room more than just one room . . .
Often when showing up to strech carpets in either a condo or a home, the home owner points to the living room/dining room and exclaims that it is just one room. Well yes and no! It is in fact one room, except for buying the carpet and cleaning the carpet and entertaining in it and now stretching it.
One large room can be considered two rooms (sometimes because of the size only one and one half of a room) not just because of the size, but because of the time and effort to stretch the carpet in that one room is equal to the time and effort in two rooms. And let’s face it, there is a reason the homeowner labels it as both the living room and the dining room, and carpet retailers sell carpet by the square yard rather than by the room.
Please do not be offended if when your carpet is stretched you are required to pay for two rooms rather than just one.



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