Stretching Carpets in a Condo in Vancouver

Not all the carpet stretching required or completed in Vancouver is in condos.  Just that there are a lot of condos in Vancouver, and many of them suffer with the same carpet stretching challenges . . .  Ripples.  Worse than that the reason so many of these condos in Vancouver require stretching is the same.

The tack strips that surrounds the room, which are designed to hold the stretch of the carpet, are not attached to the concrete floor.Carpet Tack Strip
Now even if the carpet has been stretched properly there is nothing to hold the stretch.  So often when releasing the carpet from the tack strip to start the stretching, the tack strip is not attached to the floor and must be either nailed or glued before the stretching can be accomplished.  This takes both time and expensive adhesive.

Rest assured when you have your carpets stretched in Vancouver by Carpet Repairs Only! the tack strip will be installed properly making sure the stretch holds.



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