Squeaky Floors Under Carpet In Vancouver

Having a squeaky floor is not only noisy, it is down right annoying!  Once you have stepped on the spot you cannot seem to step around it ever.  There is a simple solution,Squeaky floor being un-squeaked lifting the carpet off the tack strip around the room, then remove the underlay and screw down the wood floor to the beams below.  My experience having seen many people attempt this is that nailing through the carpet rarely works.  The chance of finding the joists under the carpet without seeing the lines of nails is almost impossible, you will miss the joists far more often than you will find one.  Putting screws through the carpet also risks damage to the carpet, runs in the fibres or just visible changes in the appearance are hard to avoid.

If all this doesn’t sound easy to you give me a quick call and I’ll zip right over and do it properly for you.  Often in repairing this kind of problem requires creative screw placement and up to 100 two and a half inch long  wood screws.  After fixing the squeaks to your satisfaction the underlay and carpet will be re-installed, stretched all to manufacturer’s recommendations and you will be as good as new.

So why live with those squeaky floors any longer than you have to?  Call today and save yourself from having to hear those squeaks ever again.