Squeaky Floors in Surrey

Recently on a vist to a home  in Surrey BC, I met a elderly couple who had hired a contractor to get rid of squeaks in their hallway.  He lifted the carpet and underlay and left it in a heap at the top of the stairs and after putting a few screws in the wood floor he collected his fee and was on his way. . .  Turns out he didn’t know how to re-install the carpet and didn’t know anyone that did, and he didn’t even tell the homeowners before he started so they could make that decision.

Re-installation of the underlay was standard, and re-installation of the carpet would have been the same if the two seams had been opened properly.  Ripping the carpet from the seaming tape at the living room entrance left the carpet weak and damaged at that doorway.  Cutting the carpet in the ZIG-ZAG pattern in the doorway to the bedroom was even more of a challange!

After power stretching the hallway, cutting out an inch of carpet at the doorways and filling gaps left at the closet doorway because the stretch couldn’t be planned to keep the doorways in place.  The carpet was back in place and the homeowners are happy and now have their home up for sale.


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