Should Carpets Be Cleaned Before Stretching?

So often I get asked if the carpet should be cleaned before or after stretching. The best answer is that carpets should be cleaned after stretching. Why? When the ripples/waves in the carpet have been there for a while they get dirty at the top of the ripple, these dirty spots are really difficult for the cleaner to get clean when the carpet is not flat.

For best appearance clean the carpet after stretching, the dirty spots come much cleaner and any ripple that appears like a crease will relax it’s fibres much better with the heat of the hot water used to clean the carpet.  And your carpet cleaner will likely appreciate cleaning your carpet more when the room is still emptly.

So is it difficult to stretch carpet after the cleaning has already been done?  Not in the slightest . . .  BUT, if you clean the carpet first we must wait three days before stretching.  Although the carpet feels dry in a short time, the backing of the carpet retains moisture longer, and when there is moisture present in the backing of the carpet it tends to rip.  So if you can wait you will still get a good stretch to your carpet also.

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