Ring Around the Room

Carpet RingWhat a daft title for this blog!

Ring around the room is that black line on your carpet where it meets the wall, if you have never heard of it I coined the phrase back about sixteen years ago. This week a lady in Vancouver asked me to not only stretch the ripples out of her carpet, she wanted me to stretch it in a way that got rid of her unsightly black lines around the edge of her room.
With a little discussion she realized this was a great opportunity to get rid of it and make sure it never happened again. Now not being a carpet cleaner I didn’t explain how to clean it, I explained what I had been told was the cause and a fix others have told me they did to make sure it didn’t come back.
After lifting the carpet at the edge of the rooms where this was a challenge for her, I left her home. Now it was her (or her husband’s) job to chalk/silicone the space at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor.
NOT TO FILL THE SPACE, just enough to prevent airflow from the wall cavity, or beneath the floor from sneaking through into the living space and use the carpet as a filter for the dirty air.
When I returned my job was as usual, stretch the ripples out of the carpet to give a near new appearance to the carpet again.
DOES THIS WORK WITH STAIRS? Definitely, only the challenge with the stairs is usually much more difficult. Often the gap on the side of the stairs ranges from one half inch to a full inch. This requires more than just chalking, it often requires attaching more wood to reach the wall on the side of the tread part of the stairs – it can be done with the carpet removed.


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