How to tell if your carpet needs re-stretching

Without the obvious ripples-wrinkles-humps in your carpet, how can you tell if your carpet is loose and needs re-stretching?  A quick simple test will reveal the answer to you . . . [Read more…]

Carpet Underlay Makes A Big Difference

Some older underlay wears out and becomes like dust under your carpet.   Having arrived to restretch a carpet today [Read more…]

Not all carpets can be dyed

After paying $200 dollars for an attempted carpet dyeing in an apartment she was vacating Elizabeth called me. The bleach stain repair was [Read more…]

Wet Carpet Cannot Be Repaired

October 2010, I was called to a repair today which I arrived to at the end of the day.  The home owners were in a hurry [Read more…]

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