What Kinds of Repairs Do CARPET REPAIRS ONLY Do?

Carpet installers install carpets and are not interested in “little jobs”. So I specialize in carpet repairs both small and big that others just don’t want to do.Cartoon Carpet Installer
So often callers to CARPET REPAIRS ONLY say “I have just a little repair”. Little repairs that no one else will do is what I do most of the time, and with a seven year guarantee given with every carpet repair or carpet re-stretch completed – you can be assured they are done very well!
The last thing anyone wants is to have to have the repair done a second time, likewise the last thing I want is to work for FREE!
With one quick phone call you will realize “Making you happy with your carpet” is all about you!

Check out the Testimonials page and you will be convinced!
I look forward to talking with you soon,

A Knee Kicker Can’t Stretch Carpet Like A Power Stretcher

Power StretchCarpet Stretching
This carpet might have just been cut and laid down on the floor over the underlay, or the installer used a “knee kicker” utilizing the “bump and tuck technique”. Although the tape measure is not readable in the picture… four inches were power stretched out in one direction and two inches at right angle to the first stretch! There is no way a carpet should need to be stretched that much, and there is no way a knee kicker will stretch that much carpet in a room.
Only the proper tool – the power stretcher – can stretch a carpet properly, and that is exactly why I give a 7 year guarantee on each and every stretch completed. This couple in North Vancouver was very happy with the results and now can use two rooms that they had avoided entering because the carpet bothered them so much.


Ring Around the Room

Carpet RingWhat a daft title for this blog!

Ring around the room is that black line on your carpet where it meets the wall, if you have never heard of it I coined the phrase back about sixteen years ago. This week a lady in Vancouver asked me to not only stretch the ripples out of her carpet, she wanted me to stretch it in a way that got rid of her unsightly black lines around the edge of her room. [Read more…]

Baby oil, oil lamps and carpet repairs

When baby oil or oil lamps spill on carpet it may seem like no big deal at the time. Unfortunately these kind of oils being so thin seep into the backings of carpet almost right away so it makes it really hard for a homeowner to clean out before damage to the backings occur. [Read more…]

Motorcycles, Motorcycles, Motorcycles

MotorcyclesWhat do motorcycles have to do with carpet repairs in Vancouver? Nothing and absolutely everything!!! Like the mantra realtors repeat when buying property this means almost the same to me about carpet repairs… [Read more…]

When spills happen on carpet, don’t grab the bleach!

This week has been filled with bleach on the carpet. Dog diarrhea, cat vomit, tile cleaner, make-up remover and zit medicine, isn’t it amazing everything that causes damage to your carpet… [Read more…]

Are hardwood floors taking over from carpet?

Are hardwood floors and vinyl floors taking over floor coverings?  A question I get asked weekly, and almost without fail the next sentence spoken by the same person is [Read more…]

Stretching Carpets in a Condo in Vancouver

Not all the carpet stretching required or completed in Vancouver is in condos.  Just that there are a lot of condos in Vancouver, and many of them suffer with the same carpet stretching challenges . . .  Ripples.  Worse than that the reason so many of these condos in Vancouver require stretching is the same. [Read more…]

Why Do Carpet Get Ripples After Cleaning?

So why do carpets get ripples after getting them cleaned? I was asked this very question at a home in Vancouver this week . . . And it is not unusual that I get asked this question. Is it the cleaner’s fault? DEFINATELY NOT!  [Read more…]

DIY, Do it Yourself Carpet Repairs in Surrey

This week has been a bonus week for seeing home owner’s DIY carpet repairs. Let me tell you about only two of them . . . [Read more…]

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