Why Seams Need Repairing After Carpets Have Been Installed Professionally

In an ideal world all carpets would be stretched as per manufacturers instructions using a power stretcher, as it is only 1 in 300 people that call for re-stretching even know there is such a thing as a power stretcher… [Read more…]

Why does the whole room need to be stretched, rather than just where my ripple is?

There are many unknowns about carpet stretching? [Read more…]

When is a room more than one room?

Perhaps we should ask, when is one room more than just one room . . . [Read more…]

Acne Medication and Your Carpet

Most people are not aware that acne medication will bleach your carpet! But this is a hidden trick … [Read more…]

Carpet Repairs – Don’t Try This At Home!

As someone that goes from home to home repairing and stretching carpets in the Vancouver area I often see homeowner’s attempts at carpet repairs. If the internet says it is easy and that anyone can do it then it must be, the internet is never wrong. [Read more…]

Landlords Use Carpet Condition as #1 Reason to Withhold Your Deposit

There is no proven statistics that landlords use carpet condition as the #1 reason to withhold your deposit, however every tenant I have spoken to believes this to be true.  [Read more…]

Does Anyone Dye Carpet to Change the Colour Anymore?

Since STAIN RESISTANT carpet was first introduced in the 1990’s full room dyeing to change colour became almost none existent! Why is that you might ask?  [Read more…]

Squeaky Floors Under Carpet In Vancouver

Having a squeaky floor is not only noisy, it is down right annoying!  Once you have stepped on the spot you cannot seem to step around it ever.  There is a simple solution, lifting the carpet off the tack strip around the room, then remove the underlay and screw down the wood floor to the beams below.

If all this doesn’t sound easy to you give me a quick call and I’ll zip right over and do it properly for you.  Often in repairing this kind of problem requires creative screw placement and upto 100 two and a half inch long  wood screws.  After fixing the squeaks to your satisfaction the underlay and carpet will be re-installed, stretched all to manufacturer’s recommendations and you will be as good as new.

So why live with those squeaky floors any longer than you have to?  Call today and save yourself from having to hear those squeaks ever again.


Putting Tape on Carpet To Protect Carpet, Only Makes it Worse

Homeowners often put tape on damaged carpet to prevent further damage to the carpet.  Hoping that the cat or dog will stop digging or chewing on the loose ends, praying the vacuum won’t take the loose exposed portion of the carpet sticking up and have it zipper across the room.  What these thoughtful homeowners are not aware of is that the tape is only making the repair and long term appearance of the carpet worse. [Read more…]

Double Glue Down Carpet Repairs

It is very common in office buildings and in hallways of apartment/condo buildings for the carpets to be installed using the double glue down method. This method is not often used in homes as it is much more expensive and lasts longer than most people want to look at the same colour commercial grade carpet.
Essentially [Read more…]

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