Motorcycles, Motorcycles, Motorcycles

MotorcyclesWhat do motorcycles have to do with carpet repairs in Vancouver? Nothing and absolutely everything!!! Like the mantra realtors repeat when buying property this means almost the same to me about carpet repairs… I own and ride a beautiful BMW R1150GS motorcycle and when I’m not working I’m riding. This is my passion, having taken this faithful steed many miles to Miami and back, Mount Rushmore and back, Mexico (Manzanillo and Guadalajara) and back and lately the Artic Ocean northern Alaska and back I plan for many more miles to come.
When I’m not working – I’m riding, I have spoken to many clients and scheduled many carpet repair appointments from my helmet bluetooth at the side of some dusty road. So if you too are a motorcycle nut and you have me in your home or office stretching/repairing carpets, it won’t be too difficult to convince me to share the pictures on my handy iPad or some of the most memorable stories that I have. Happy riding and happy dreaming…


Carpet Repairs Vancouver
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