Does Anyone Dye Carpet to Change the Colour Anymore?

Since STAIN RESISTANT carpet was first introduced in the 1990’s full room  carpet dyeing to change colour became almost none existent! Why is that you might ask? 

It’s because the technology that makes carpet stain resistant also prevents carpet dyes introduced to the Kool-aid Stain Removalcarpet after the manufacturing process from adhering to the carpet fibres. Technically the carpets fibres are coated with acid dye blockers. The dye sites where these acid dye blockers are located are on every single fibre in your carpet.  The advantage that allows everyone to clean up kool aid, wine and coffee quickly before it becomes a permanent stain by blocking the stains from entering the fibre also made it almost impossible to change carpet colours in a whole room.

This doesn’t mean that carpet cannot be dyed anymore ever.  If you mistakenly use bleach, or a cleaner with a bleaching agent in it to remove spots on your carpet, the damaged fibres can be re-dyed to match the colour.  If you have bleach spots on your carpet, give me a call and have it re-dyed right away.