DIY, Do it Yourself Carpet Repairs in Surrey

This week has been a bonus week for seeing home owner’s DIY carpet repairs. Let me tell you about only two of them . . . At one home I visited in Surrey this week there was a 4 foot by 2 inch strip of carpet cut from the living room carpet with the removed carpet taped to the backing of the carpet. Strange? Yes, the homeowner was not able to get full sheets of drywall down the stairs because the turn was to sharp in the stairwell. A friend had a great solution, cut a strip in the carpet, then the floor and lower the sheets of drywall into the basement. Well it worked really well until the living room carpet needed repair because the best they could do looked like a dog’s breakfast! Funny thing is, if they had just lifted the carpet from the corner of the room only 2 feet away they could have accomplished the same thing without a repair.
Next, in a luxury condo in White Rock a DIY repair was completed without a new piece of carpet. A piece of similar carpet was found at a local carpet store and glued to the underlay in the living room. After a year of having it rented the owner couldn’t stand renting it again looking like that. A repair piece bigger than the original damage was cut out, a replacement piece of the carpet was taken from a closet and the so called similar piece of carpet was inserted into the closet. The living room now looks like nothing happened and the closet, to quote the owner “who cares, no one ever looks in the closet”
Save yourself some grief and stress, call me and get the job done right the first time.

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