Concrete Tack Strips Used On Wood Floors?

When tack strips are made, (the strips of woods with little spikes to hold the stretch of the carpet), concrete tack strips are identical to wood tack strips except the nails used.  Concrete nails are shorter and wider than wood nails so what is the big deal?

Only that shorter wider concrete nails will not hold in wood floors and will pull right out when the carpet is stretched and placed on the tack strip.  It appears to be a no brainer to use the correct nails on wood floors wouldn’t it?  So often I find the tack strip pulling right out of the wood floor while stretching and have to re-nail all the tack strip it makes me wonder is some installers know the difference.  Hence another reason that so many carpets have to be re-stretched!

Concrete (cement) floors are sometimes hard to get the nail to hold and the tack strips have to be glued to the floor.  Here I often see many nails pounded into the floor because they won’t hold.  Unfortunately a greater volume of nails not holding in the concrete still means the stretch won’t be held by the tack strip.  More often than not I have to replace the tack strip gluing it to the cement to be able to get the tack strip to hold the carpet stretch.  I have to wonder if some installers know the whole idea of the tack strip is to hold the stretch rather than to look good preventing the under pad from moving . . .

*IMPORTANT*  I fix carpets for a living and see many bad installations every day.  This by no means is an indication that all installers do not know what they are doing.  I have met so many good carpet installers and have never had to fix their installation work.


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