Carpet Stretching in Burnaby

As frustrating as it is to homeowners who have their carpets stretched a year after installation, I routinely meet people who’s carpet requires stretching for the third time in five years.  Why does this happen?  Do they own defective carpet?  I get asked this question often.

First of all the original installer used a tool to stretch the carpet that was not even intended to be used as a carpet stretching tool! Hard to believe that the KNEE KICKER was designed only as an assist tool to the proper tool – THE POWER STRETCHER – and most people have never seen a carpet power stretcher!  Even though every manufacturer of carpet in North America specifically requires the use of the power stretcher for installing and stretching carpet, the knee kicker is what most people are used to seeing.

So why do so many people have to have their carpets stretched three times in five years?  Because people who pass themselves off as professionals to re-stretch their carpet will only use a knee kicker to push the carpet wrinkles to the side of the room.  Do yourself a favour, hire someone that uses a carpet power stretcher and have it stretched once rather than over and over.  Not only will you save yourself some frustration, you will save time and effort not have to empty your rooms of the furniture to have them stretched every time.


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