Beware of Carpet Underlays

Not all carpet underlays are created equal . . . The two most commonly used underlays in homes are 7/16 of an inch 4lbs density and 3/8 of an inch 8lbs density. The 4lbs density breaks down really quickly and as far as carpet longevity is concerned – not recommended. I have seen far too many of these underlays flattened down to nothing. The 8lbs density stands up much better, and the better the underlay the longer the carpet lasts generally.
Recently another black foam underlay has been introduced by a big company, sold as being great, wonderful. . . and in truth I am starting to see many carpets that have ripples requiring a stretch caused by the underlay buckling up under the carpet. In all of these cases the underlay is not installed correctly and the carpet underlay has swollen.

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