Baby oil, oil lamps and carpet repairs

When baby oil or oil lamps spill on carpet it may seem like no big deal at the time. Unfortunately these kind of oils being so thin seep into the backings of carpet almost right away so it makes it really hard for a homeowner to clean out before damage to the backings occur. Often cleaning the carpet right away isn’t enough to prevent damage and a carpet repair is necessary as a very nice couple in Surrey found out this week. They called thinking an insert repair was necessary, after inspecting their carpet I suggested a completely different carpet repair.
After emptying the room of furniture, the carpet was lifted to inspect the backing. Only a small amount of separation of the backings was evident so a carpet cleaner was called with instructions to clean both the top and back of the carpet. Several days later when the carpet was dry, the backings were glued back together, the carpet was stretched and the furniture replaced to give this very nice couple in Surrey a repaired clean carpet with smiles on their faces.
When you spill oil on carpet . . . It can be fixed!

Carpet Repairs Vancouver
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