Are hardwood floors taking over from carpet?

Are hardwood floors and vinyl floors taking over floor coverings?  A question I get asked weekly, and almost without fail the next sentence spoken by the same person is that they cannot live without carpets in their bedrooms and upper hallways.  It seems almost everyone enjoys the soft, warm comfort of carpet when they step out of bed in the mornings.  Also for everyone that prefers a hard surface in their living area there are many that want carpet, and many that just cannot afford the high cost of hardwood. No, carpet has nothing to fear!   At least nor locally when so many of us enjoy walking on carpet.  As often as I repair or stretch carpet from West Vancouver to Langley every week, and do carpet repairs in both new and older sub-divisions alike I can tell you that in our little corner of North America miles and miles of new carpet are installed every day.  Look to the high rise condos and apartments being erected so quickly, to keep the noise level down for the people on the floor below carpet is most common throughout.
My small contribution to making people happy with their carpet is not in jeopardy, I’ll continue to be here if you need me, Thank you very much for calling.


Carpet Repairs Vancouver
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