Acne Medication and Your Carpet

Most people are not aware that acne medication will bleach your carpet! But this is a hidden trick …

The peroxide in acne medication will sit dormant in your carpet until you have them cleaned, then the heat and moisture of hot water cleaning will activate the bleaching agent, and it’s likely you will blame your carpet cleaner for changing the colour of your carpet. IT WON’T BE HIS FAULT.
I cannot tell you how often I re-dye carpet from this phenomenon all the time paid for both by upset customers and very well meaning carpet cleaners. The customers have a very hard time blaming the carpet cleaner when there are bleach marks the shape of hand prints, or in one case a footprint with marks for the toes as well.
Today’s carpet dyeing customer was sure it was the carpet cleaner until I explained the situation, her response – all the marks in the carpet were in her 15 year old daughter’s room who used heavy acne medication! Closing comment – beware of teenagers with acne medication.