A Knee Kicker Can’t Stretch Carpet Like A Power Stretcher

Power StretchCarpet Stretching
This carpet might have just been cut and laid down on the floor over the underlay, or the installer used a “knee kicker” utilizing the “bump and tuck technique”. Although the tape measure is not readable in the picture… four inches were power stretched out in one direction and two inches at right angle to the first stretch! There is no way a carpet should need to be stretched that much, and there is no way a knee kicker will stretch that much carpet in a room.
Only the proper tool – the power stretcher – can stretch a carpet properly, and that is exactly why I give a 7 year guarantee on each and every stretch completed. This couple in North Vancouver was very happy with the results and now can use two rooms that they had avoided entering because the carpet bothered them so much.


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