Tack Strip Nightmare Over Concrete Floor

Another carpet re-stretch, this one over a concrete floor.  This is not unusual, and loose tack strip is also not unusual when stretching carpet over a concrete floor. . .

The tack strip is often difficult to secure to a concrete floor, nailing can be very difficult because either the concrete is soft to hold the nail or too hard to be able to set the nail without the concrete chipping and not holding.  And previously glued tack strip will not always stay attached.  This means that before stretching can be completed often the tack strips must be re-nailed, or if the floor will not accept the nails it must be glued to the floor, often requiring 8-12 hours for the glue to cure before the stretching can be completed.  Patience is a virtue, and tomorrow the carpet will be re-stretched after the glue has fully cured.


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