Cat & Dog Carpet Damage Repairs!

All Repairs and Re-Stretching Guaranteed
Five Full Years



All Repairs Completed Meet or Exceed All Manufacturers
Instructions and Specifications



Whether A Dog Thought Your
Carpet Was A Chew Toy,




Or Your Cat Thought It Was A
Scratching Post . . .

Guilty Dog



Your Carpet Can Be Repaired!!!


Angry Dog

Carpet Damage

Typical carpet damage when a dog attempts
to dig it’s way out of a room

Carpet Repaired

Watch this Short Video To See How A Typical
Dog or Cat Carpet Repair Is Completed




What you have seen in the video above is the most common method used to remove and repair the damage done by pets, bigger damage or repairs required on berber carpet may be completed slightly different.


Mean Looking Cat

So Where Do You Find the Carpet For Your Repair?

No Spare Piece Of Carpet – No Problem! An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don’t have any, repair pieces can be taken from the carpet in a closet.  This is a common practice, and if required the damaged piece can be installed in the closet so there is no empty hole.


Why Shouldn’t You Get Your Carpet Fixed Right Now?


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