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bleach carpet damage to carpetcarpet bleach damage repaired
Small bleach spots like these are easily repaired by removing the damaged tufts (the individual fibres that you see in a saxony carpet) and re-tufting (somewhat like re-weaving) carpet fibres from a spare piece of carpet or sometimes removed from a closet. Repairs like this are invisible.






Saxony carpet tufting
Tuft Setter


bleach carpet damage

bleach carpet damage repaired


Carpet Stained by Bleach
Carpet Repaired

Larger damaged areas can be repaired using the methods described in carpet burn repairs.

Replaced piece (above) was from the closet and slightly darker than the  carpet in the open area.


Watch this  Short Video To See How A Typical
Carpet Bleach Repair Is Completed





So Where Do You Find the Carpet For Your Repair?

No Spare Piece Of Carpet – No Problem! An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don’t have any, repair pieces can be taken from the carpet in a closet. This is a common practice, and if required the damaged piece can be installed in the closet so there is no empty hole.


Now offering an alternative to replacing carpet
after a bleach accident on your carpet . . .

Re-dyeing Carpet Bleach Stains

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