Why do I find dirt under my carpet when I pull it up?

Have you ever lifted carpet up only to find what looks like dirt on the floor underneath?  What is it and how did it get there?  First it is not dirt! Likely it lookslike sand, either off white or brown in colour.  This is ground up marble!!! Now, how did it get there?  When carpet is manufactured it has two backings, the primary backing is what the fuzzy stuff we walk on is tufted into. 

And a secondary backing is glued to the primary backing to give the carpet stability.  Without the secondary backing the carpet would be floppy like a piece of cloth.  Anyway, the secondary backing is glued to the primary backing with a mixture of latex glue, fillers and ground up marble.

This glue mixture is designed  to have some fire resistance.  Specific tests for flammability are carried out on every different kind of carpet manufactured and the ground marble in the glue mixture helps to prevent a fire spreading across the carpet quickly.

Over time, and constant walking on the carpet some of the ground marble works it’s way loose and falls to the floor.

A tidbit of information on the complexity of carpet construction. Chris

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